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Can you not be manipulated? PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Manuel Baldi – III B   
Venerdì 29 Aprile 2016 20:47

Choosing. In our lives we choose everytime but … are we alone to decide? In this world, so free and civilized, our choices are influenced by everything around us. For example, adversting helps to sponsor the big corporations and destroy the smallest ones. When we watch a film on television that starts at 9 and should last 90 minutes, actually, it ends at midnight. But, how much does this promotion help? 

“Often designer products give more guarantees and last longer than others”, that’s true, but a 70 euro t-shirt definitely isn’t worth so much. Adversting is a tool, a powerful tool. Mussolini had understood that as well. He made it a powerful medium to guide and direct the thoughts of the masses. A good work for fascism. Everyone knows big popular brands for teenagers … but only a few people know that some of them are accused of exploitation of children, or other serious crimes. Now we have to choose, we can’t go on this way. We have to change the way of living. Now it is not fair …


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